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East Harlem Facts

The Current East Harlem Community

The East Harlem community is located on the North East part of the Island of Manhattan in New York City. Its boundaries lie from First Avenue to Fifth Avenue and from East 96th Street to East 125th Street.

Population and Race

Its over 116,000 residents are comprised mostly of Puerto Ricans and Afro-Americans. Other races in the community include, Whites, Asians and South and Central Americans.

Income and Employment
Income levels range from below $15,000 to over $150,000 a year. The average income is $17, 205 a year. The majority of the employed work by providing services as administrative secretaries, administrators, clericals, laborers, managerial, professionals and fast food workers. Two of the biggest employers are the two hospitals in the community - Metropolitan Hospital Center and Mt. Sinai Hospital Center. Retail outlets and fast food restaurants also employ many residents. A lot of residents also work outside the community, downtown.

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